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Stop Treating YouTube as a Storeroom For Videos.
Your YouTube videos can reach your audience without paid ads. tubics is the ideal platform to manage, optimize, and grow your YouTube channel.
Get more views on YouTube.
Deploy tubics today and replace metadata guesswork with statistical evidence, for increased video ROI.
25x Increase in YouTube Search Traffic
Read this case study to find out how Bramac increased organic video traffic 25-fold by optimizing YouTube metadata.
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#1 YouTube SEO tool to

Increase your video ROI by 10X, with tubics.

More Video Views

With tubics' YouTube SEO tool your videos get found better on Google and YouTube. tubics provides automated recommendations on how to set your title, description and tags.

Less Work

We provide you a quick & easy wizard to publish your videos. Custom templates save you time on manual processes like thumbnail creation. 

Data-Driven Learnings

Learn what your customers are searching for and which videos perform best regarding organic traffic. tubics is the #1 tool to improve your video ROI.

Join the growing list of companies getting more YouTube views with tubics!

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Free YouTube SEO Analysis

With our YouTube SEO analysis you instantly get answers on how your YouTube channel and your videos perform and how your audience responds. Just paste your channel URL and get valuable insights and actionable recommendations.

YouTube SEO analysis tool

Power Tools to Grow Your YouTube Views

Keyword suggestion api
tubics gives you keyword suggestions based on official search data provided by YouTube, Google, Bing and AdWords.

For any topic you receive unlimited keyword suggestions, monthly search volumes, keyword analysis and optimization advice.

youtube keyword search volume tool

With tubics’ YouTube SEO tool you get a quick and easy access to official search volumes of the Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

You can use this data to get estimates which keyword and syntax is most popular or relevant. 

tubics features a simple traffic light system and helps suggest a few ‘best practice’ YouTube SEO techniques. Red means your YouTube SEO is terrible, orange means it’s OK, but could be improved and green means it’s great! 

For this system to work, you must set a focus keyword or phrase for each video. tubics will then check your content and gives you tips how to improve results.

See how your video ranks in YouTube to the keywords that are most relevant to your channel.

COMING SOON: See how your YouTube Search ranking improves over time rank for your tags and optimize with regard to the traffic your are receiving.

youtube keyword templates for playlistsWith tubics you can define keyword templates for playlists. Every video of a playlist gets applied these keyword sets. New videos have these keywords already preset.

With keyword templates you improve your chance to get more views via YouTube Suggestions.

Triple Organic Reach

With tubics your audience finds your videos more easily on Google and YouTube.


Get Actionable Recommendations

Achieve quick-wins with a prioritized to-do list of optimization tweaks covering tech and content.

Boost Your Efficiency

Save time on repetitive publishing tasks using templates for texts, thumbnails and interactive features.

Learn From Your Peers

Get data-driven insights from competing video channels regarding video strategy, content, technology and YouTube SEO.

Empower Teamwork

With enterprise-ready collaboration features you can make the most out of your team.

Report Success

With tubics you can easily report the most relevant KPIs and make your video team learn from productions.

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We Help You at Each Step along the Way

Our dedicated Customer Success Managers will help you set up your account and get YouTube optimization done immediately. If, however, you need to contact tubics, you can count on hands-on support across multiple channels, whenever you want.

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