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keyword tool youtube free
youtube keyword tool free

Tag Suggestions

tubics gives you tag suggestions based on official search data provided by YouTube, Google, Bing and AdWords.

For any topic you receive unlimited tag suggestions, monthly search volumes, tag analysis and optimization advice.

Tag Analysis

Our free YouTube SEO tool features a simple traffic light system and helps suggest a few ‘best practice’ YouTube SEO techniques. Red means your YouTube SEO is terrible, orange means it’s OK, but could be improved and green means it’s great! 

For this system to work, you must set a focus keyword or phrase for each video. tubics will then check your content and gives you tips how to improve results.

youtube keyword analysis tool

Keyword Ranking

See how you rank for the keywords on YouTube’s search result page. 

Coming Soon: Track your results over time and see, which optimization grows your views and how you rank against competing videos.

Templates for Tags

tubics’ free YouTube SEO tool let’s you define tag templates for every single playlist or video series. 

Similar tags are considered to positively effect traffic from YouTube Suggestions. This means that your channel’s videos can get suggested more often after your video is finished.

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